About Practicing...

Students should take time to practice at home to help reinforce what they learned in class. Practice logs will be due each week. Here are some tips to help with successful practice at home:

      • Schedule a regular time or set of times to practice each day.

      • A practice area should be in a quiet location, free from distractions. Good lighting and adequate ventilation is a must.

      • Students will need a music stand at home to ensure proper playing posture.

      • The instrument must be in good, working condition. The higher the quality of the instrument and bow, the higher the possibility of a good sound, and the easier it is for the student to play. Be sure to take your instrument to a luthier as soon as possible if the instrument is in need of repairs.

In Orchestra, we will cover the essential basics of proper practicing and learn a few practice tips to improve both in the class and at home. Put them to "practice"!