Classroom Procedures

Because the success of an ensemble depends on the work and dedication of each and every member, we will establish the following principles in order to maintain discipline and achieve a level of quality that will reflect positively on every member of the Orchestra, the music program as a whole, as well as the school community.

  • Be on time with all of your materials (your instrument, class book, music, a pencil, a tuner, and any accessories)

  • Keep fingernails short - no fake nails, please!

  • All students borrowing a school instrument must wash their hands before handling them

  • Be respectful towards your classmates

  • Keep conversations to a whisper as long it is related to the music being rehearsed

  • Keep rehearsal room tidy

  • No food or drink other than water in the rehearsal room

  • Do not handle someone else’s instrument

  • Your instrument case should be labeled with your name (a luggage tag on the handle works great!). Many cases look identical.

  • Be familiar with your music before rehearsal by practicing at home

  • Clean up your area at the conclusion of rehearsal (pick up any trash and collect all of your belongings)