Concert Attire

Concert Attire

Concert attire is very simple: all black

If you have any questions regarding your concert outfit, please speak to Ms. V. General base guideline to consider: professional, classy, nice evening wear. Clothing should be modest and fully cover the shoulders and midriff. Please, no short skirts or ripped/distress-type clothing.

All students:

  • All black

  • If choosing a skirt, choose a longer skirt length over a short one.

  • Opaque black socks or stockings

  • Black shoes (must not have other colors on them).

See images below for acceptable concert black:

Concert Etiquette

Concerts are graded on each student's individual preparation and behavior during concerts. SJBMS students should have their music organized in black binders (no loose sheets). All should arrive on time, support other groups, and wear the proper concert attire.

  • Students should have all materials for the concert. This includes your instrument and your music (all SJBMS students should have their music organized in a black binder - no loose sheets!).

  • Students should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the concert. You will need time to tune and it is encouraged that you also warm up.

  • Students are expected to stay for the entire performance. If a student does not stay for the entire concert, either arriving late or leaving early, they will not receive full credit. A parent note/email is the only allowed excuse.

  • It is expected that each and every member of the SJBMS/JCDHS Orchestra will be a respectful and courteous audience member for any other ensemble performing on concert night just as we would appreciate for our own performance.

  • Cell phones will NOT be allowed in the concert hall during the performance. Please leave phones in your case or with a parent/guardian.