Elementary Orchestra

Classes begin Thursday, September 9th! Register now to join!

Who are we?

The Elementary Orchestra at SJB Elementary is designed for students in grades 4 and 5. In this orchestra you will get to choose one of three instruments: violin, viola, or cello. Together we will learn the fundamentals of how to play your instrument and how to read music. We will learn many fun songs you may be familiar with and may even have sung in general music, but now you'll get to play them on your instrument! It is a whole lot of fun!

Click here to view the parent letter (or read below) to learn more about the orchestra, the supplies needed, and where to get your instrument.

Print your FACTS payment form if needed.

Please fill out the Google Form in you are interested in being part of Elementary Orchestra!

Parent Letter

2021-22 SJB Elementary Parent Letter

What instrument do you want to learn?

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Cello

Click the video to watch a short demo on each of these instruments!

Please note: we will not be learning the double bass in Elementary Orchestra, but it will be an option when you get to Middle School! So if you really want to learn it, hang tight until then! No matter what, learning to read music and rhythms is a very important concept that will still be important to play any instrument! :)