JD String Orchestra

About JD String Orchestra

The JD String Orchestra is the high school string orchestra at Juan Diego. A large range of abilities exist in this unified group, but all the musicians share a love for playing music! We aim to continue honing advanced-level technique on their instruments including shifting 3rd through 5th positions as well as vibrato. Students will learn personal diagnostic skills for individual practice and improvement.

Our repertoire ranges from classic string orchestra pieces, to Celtic styles, to pop and movie themes. JD string players participate in many performances including Mass, Music in the Halls, Lux Dei, Dessert Pops, and Region festivals.

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Immaculate Mary

Music video collaboration between the JDCHS Strings, Choir and Horns. Written by John VanWagoner, strings by Denisse Vallecillos

The students did an amazing job creating this video to celebrate Mary during the month of May!

Holy Week 2021

Give Me Jesus

Our Orchestra and Choir students participated in various recording sessions to provide the music for this video. Then on March 12th we traveled to Antelope Island and spent around 5 hours filming in various locations. What a beautiful result. Fantastic job, everyone!

Lux Dei 2021

We presented our annual Lux Dei (Light of God) production on Feb. 10, 2021. The theme this year revolved around The Creation, focusing on the creation of light to bring us out from the darkness. The light represents The Lamb, how his word will bring light to the world.

Due to COVID, we performed only for the student body. We are grateful for the opportunity to have still held a live performance. We had band, percussion, orchestra, choir, and dance, all participating. Theatre tech did an amazing job with lights and sound.

Thank you to Matt Hepworth for filming and creating this beautiful video for us!

A fun Christmas play-by

Seniors Marcus, Jaidan, and Austin along with Junior Josh, perform Christmas tunes for listeners around the school. They stopped by during my beginning orchestra class to showcase their amazing talent! Thanks for bringing us some Christmas cheer!

JD Strings - Christmas Concert

Performing: Troika, A Solitary Wish, and Fantasia on Christmas Carols

JD Strings - Fall Concert

Performing: Crooked-Toe Walks the Deck, The Evil Eye and the Hideous Heart, and Point Lookout

Shakespeare Competition

We received 3rd place!

A few of our JD Orchestra members performed Michael Praetorius' "Bransles de Village" from his Dances from Terpsichore in the Minstrel category for the Shakespeare Festival! Congratulations to all for competing and doing so well!

Final 2019-2020 Concert video below:

Here is our Dessert Pops video for 2020! Even though not everyone turned in a video/audio track, I definitely feel like we are all represented here. It was a tough year and I am so proud of how each one of you handled so many changes. You are amazing and resilient.

I look forward to our next year together and hope you are ready for some great music and experiences whether it be in person or online.

You are all incredible students and I am so lucky to be your teacher.

With Love, Ms. V