Interesting Articles

"Trying every available string on the market to find your dream strings is probably unrealistic, but you can make an educated guess about a string’s sound if you understand some of the qualities of its core and winding materials, string tension, and the general tonal and playing qualities of each brand."

"The best way to describe the best bow for any player is simply this: When you are performing, you don’t have to think about it. A good bow should become an extension of your right hand. It should flow with you as you play with little effort or thought."

"Out of the hundreds of private lessons, master classes, and coachings in my student life, this is the one that sticks out for the simple reason that in one of my lowest moments as a student, I actually learned the most. "

"[W]ith all of those daily trips to the sink, we've decided to put together a list of our 20 favorite melodies from classical music that are guaranteed to keep you washing for at least 20 seconds."

"...[I]n the past three generations more than half of the world's ebony has been harvested, and four species of the wood are classified as endangered, one critically."

"Taking care of a bow is not complicated, though it does require diligence. Whether you’ve just bought your first bow or are playing on a fine antique or contemporary handmade bow, the ground rules are the same: don’t overtighten it, keep it safe, keep it clean, and get a rehair when the bow needs it."

Never fear, even if you struggle with pitch there are tools and techniquest to help.

Lots of string players talk about practicing more often, but few know how to make it productive.